As this residence is primarily used in the summer months our brief was to devise a planting scheme that looked its best at this time of year. The hard landscaping plan took full advantage of the views and allowed the clients to enjoy this aspect of the site. This was completed by the builder with planting and soft landscaping completed by The Pavilion.

Groundworks involved retaining walls as the site is sloped and a large patio with raised seating and planting beds. Structural walls were also used to create shelter and different levels for entertaining and outdoor cooking. A wide paved stairway leads to the lower level and a gravel and wooden stairway leads from the lower garden back up to the side of the house. Our plan takes full advantage of the best views and how the outdoor space would flow naturally from the internal living area. As the house is primarily used in the summer months, large open outdoor entertaining space was a factor in the design. We used different levels to bring in different planting but all the while respectful of the natural wild flora of the environment.

The Cork coast is primarily influenced by warm, strong, south-westerly winds, so facing east offered some small level of shelter from the worst of the weather. Still, we had to use plants that were highly adapted to the climate. Low growing ground cover like Sedum and Carpet Roses were mixed with plants that offer interest and colour like Aster, Rudbeckia and Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia). Lavender and a specimen Olive Tree give a flavour of the Mediterranean in a nod to the residence’s’ coastal location and seasonal use. Tall, summer flowering Agapanthus and Crocosmia can also be found for colour and dramatic effect.